Irish Institute of Mental Health Nursing is pleased to accept sponsorship from organisations that support their aims and objectives and that do not impinge on an ethical stance the Institute takes in relation to sponsorship. Interested organisations can find out more information about the Institute at www.iimhn.ie or contact the company secretary at secretary@iimhn.ie

The purpose of the Institute is to promote excellence in the provision of quality Mental Health Nursing and mental health service delivery, within the context of a multidisciplinary approach.

The Institute’s specific objectives are to:

  • Act as a forum to facilitate and enable discussion and debate on issues relevant to Mental Health Nursing
  • Promote excellence in Mental Health practice and mental health nurse education
  • Foster the ongoing development of the profession of Mental Health Nursing
  • Contribute to policy development on matters relevant to Mental Health Nursing and mental health service development
  • Serve as a critical voice for Mental Health Nursing
  • Promote opportunities for networking and professional development among nurses practicing in the field of Mental Health
  • Promote and advocate the use, development and expansion of Mental Health Nursing


The Institute actively seeks opportunities to work together with external organisations to achieve shared objectives. However it is vital that we maintain our independence and do not allow external partnerships to bring the name of Irish Institute of Mental Health Nursing into disrepute or compromise its ideals, nor should sponsorship detract from the purpose or activities of the Institute. The purpose of sponsorship is to maximize the Institute’s opportunity to contribute to critical discussion.  The Institute welcomes support to enhance the quality of the Institute’s activities which include symposia, conferences, public meetings, publications and educational programs and packages.

“Sponsorship is a contribution in money or “in kind” given to an organisation for the purposes of staging an event , providing a service or undertaking an activity which contributes to economic , social or educational activities within the Irish Institute of Mental Health Nursing in return for a public acknowledgement of the support.”

Sponsors have choices about who to provide their money to. Acknowledging fully and appropriately sponsors and sponsorship is fundamental to the reciprocity of the sponsorship relationship. Poor adequate recognition and acknowledgement will result in a withdrawal of ongoing support

The Institute therefore seeks, as far as is practical and within the constraints of Irish law, initiatives that do not compromise the independent status of Irish Institute of Mental Health Nursing and to ensure that the activities of organisations we work with are consistent with our organisational values.

This policy has been devised to ensure clarity and openness to all our stakeholders. It is designed to address sponsorship and funding for the Irish Institute of Mental Health Nursing. We welcome comments, criticism and suggestions as to how these goals can be met.


Partnerships with companies involved in any of the following activities will be avoided:

  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution companies
  • Tobacco manufacture and distribution companies
  • Alcohol manufacturing and distribution companies
  • Individuals or companies with dubious reputations as judged by a consensus among the executive board of  IIMHN


  • The Irish Institute of Mental Health Nursing does not endorse or approve products or companies, and a statement to this effect will be included alongside any sponsorship alliance.
  • The Irish Institute of Mental Health Nursing will not promote any specific products
  • No access to The Irish Institute of Mental Health Nursing databases will be provided for commercial purposes.


The Irish Institute of Mental Health Nursing believes that benefits to both partners can be enhanced if the Institute has an input into sponsorship policy issues of the commercial / sponsoring organisation. To this end, for substantial partnerships of more than 12 months duration, The Irish Institute of Mental Health Nursing will seek to establish a formal process for consultation.


The Irish Institute of Mental Health Nursing will consider all sponsorship approaches in an open and even handed way and measure the request against an assessment criteria. The Institute will not accept more than 20% from any one commercial / or sponsoring organisation, so as not to compromise our integrity. This does not include money raised via Government funding or Statutory Organisations.

All cause related marketing and sponsorship must be approved by the Executive Board of The Irish Institute of Mental Health Nursing or its nominated representatives.

Potential funders will be screened to provide an assessment of funders suitability before a decision is made.

Contracts with partners must permit the Irish Institute of Mental Health Nursing to withdraw from any partnership where new developments mean that areas of this ethical sponsorship policy become breached. Executive members are obliged to declare conflicts of interest in sponsorship and may not vote in decisions where such conflict exists.

The Irish Institute of Mental Health Nursing will provide evidence of how sponsorship income is used.

The Irish Institute of Mental Health Nursing will not enter into a sponsorship that is considered not to comply with the Manual of Advertising Self Regulation of Ireland with the code of Standards for Advertising Promotional & Direct Marketing in Ireland 6th Edition.


A full list of sponsors will be maintained on the IIMHN website.

The Irish Institute of Mental Health Nursing will communicate its commitment to this policy to the organisation’s stakeholders. A copy of this policy will be displayed on our website.