Prof Agnes Higgins appointed Chairperson of Mental Health Reform

FD5C8344The IIMHN would like to congratulate Professor Agnes Higgins on her appointment as Chairperson of Mental Health Reform. This is a hugely prestigious appointment in the field of mental care.  Mental Health reform is the national coalition, providing a unified voice driving progressive reform of mental health supports in Ireland. With over 50 member organisations and 10,000 individual supporters, MHR provides a consensus voice to Government and its agencies on how to improve the mental health system. MHR’s vision is of an Ireland where people with mental health difficulties can recover their wellbeing and live a full life in the community. MHR conducts research, consults with stakeholders, develops good practice advice, informs policymakers and public agencies, and mobilises supporters to advocate for change.
Congratulations Agnes, it is fitting recognition and acknowledgment of the transformative work you have done in the field of mental health care. We in the Irish Institute of Mental Health Nursing wish you every success in your new role.