New book on Hearing Voices – “Can’t You Hear Them?”

Simon McCarthy-Jones has just had a new book published on hearing voices entitled “Cant you Hear Them”. It is fairly focused on the role of trauma, the alternative understandings and support provided by the HVM, and includes stories from people such as Pete Bullimore, which are important for the public hear.  Amazon in its description of the book describes how the “…experience of ‘hearing voices’, once associated with lofty prophetic communications, has fallen low. Today, the experience is typically portrayed as an unambiguous harbinger of madness caused by a broken brain, an unbalanced mind, biology gone wild. Yet an alternative account, forged predominantly by people who hear voices themselves, argues that hearing voices is an understandable response to traumatic life-events. There is an urgent need to overcome the tensions between these two ways of understanding ‘voice hearing’.”  The book considers neuroscience, genetics, religion, history, politics and the experiences of voice hearers themselves. It challenge established and seemingly contradictory understandings and tries to create a joined-up explanation of voice hearing based on evidence rather than ideology.