Submitting a Conference Abstract: Guidelines

Title of abstract and author details

The following information should be given at the start of your document. Although these author details are not included in the word count, they must fit onto the page along with the abstract and are not to be submitted separately.

  1. Title of abstract (no more than 150 characters) – bold type.
  2. Full name and affiliation of all authors.
  3. Contact details for presenting author.

Format of abstract

  1. Word limit: 300 words (this does not include the title and author details).
  2. The abstract should not include references.
  3. Use a sans serif font, 12 pitch. Single-line spacing, with two spaces between paragraphs.

Guidelines for Poster Size

  1. Posters will not be accepted for display from presenters who are not attending the conference.
  2. The poster board is 1.2m x .9m (4’ x 3’), portrait. Do not bring posters exceeding the size of the poster boards as they cannot be facilitated.
  3. Posters should be produced in a manner that is suitable for display on a poster board using Velcro. Do not bring posters that have been mounted on cardboard or heavier material. Velcro will be provided for you at registration.
  4. Completed abstracts should be e-mailed to:

The link to download the abstract template is here