Message from Chair – Dr Ann Sheridan

As incoming Chairperson it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the Irish Institute of Mental Health Nursing’s (IIMHN) website.  The aim of the Institute is to promote excellence in the provision of quality Mental Health Nursing and mental health service delivery, both in Ireland and internationally. The Institute provides a focal point and professional voice for Mental Health Nursing and positively contributes to the professional development of Mental Health Nursing in Ireland. The success of the Institute is very dependent on nurses getting involved and sharing their views, ideas and opinions.

Becoming involved presents many challenges in a time-pressured environment, but given the current context of complex mental health needs, changing demographics and budgetary constraints it is imperative that we have a voice in shaping and advocating for quality mental health nursing and mental health care. Services and care that respect the rights, voice and uniqueness of people experiencing mental health problems, and which foster the development of a socially inclusive, recovery and empowerment oriented service are fundamental to high quality mental health practice.  As the professional group that makes up the largest occupational grouping in the mental health services, mental health nurses are pivotal to delivery of quality mental health services and have a responsibility to provide leadership and be active in promoting excellence.

I hope you enjoy reading all our activities and remember the success of the Institute is dependent on you sharing their views, ideas and opinions. So make your voice count.